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    Turn up the volume on life

    ReSound Magna™ – our new, digital super power BTE, will empower your customers to get more out of their hearing. 

More of what drives them forward


ReSound Magna includes the latest technology to improve hearing in multiple listening environments for people with severe to profound hearing loss.

1. More gain without feedback. Up to 144 dB SPL maximum power output and 86 dB maximum gain, combined with DFS UltraTM to offer more stable gain.

2. Great sound quality and speech understanding. Surround Sound by ReSoundTM offers Adaptive Directionality with Integrated Wind Noise ManagementTM and Noise TrackerTM II.

3. Optimized, high-frequency hearing. New Sound ShaperTM technology makes inaudible sounds audible through frequency compression with minimal distortion.

4. Easier adaptation and personalized fitting. WDRC and linear amplification schemes, as well as fine-tuning options in Aventa fitting software support super power fitting strategies. 

5. Attractive, ergonomic and durable. Nanocoated with iSolateTM Nanotech from the inside out, and optimized for size, design and robustness. 

Two versions, five colors

To match your customers’ needs and preferences, we have provided ReSound Magna 
in two technology levels in five color options.


  • Comfortable hearing without whistling - enabled by DFS Ultra™, ReSound’s advanced feedback management system
  • Optimized, high-frequency hearing, such as bird sounds or children’s voices - enabled by Sound Shaper™, ReSound’s new frequency compression technology
  • Great sound quality - enabled by Surround Sound by ReSound™ technology
  • Better speech understanding in challenging situations, also outdoorsenabled by Adaptive Directionality with Integrated Wind Noise Management™
  • Comfortable and convenient transition between directional optionsenabled by SoftSwitching™
  • More possibilities for customization - enabled by personalization options in Aventa fitting software
  • Minimum whistling - enabled by Dual Stabilizer™ II DFS, ReSound’s feedback management system

  • Better speech understanding in noise - enabled by fixed directionality option

  • Possibility for customization - enabled by personalization options in Aventa fitting software

Shared benefits of ReSound Magna 2 & 4:

  • Maximum power - up to 86 dB maximum gain and 144 dB SPL maximum output
  • Comfortable hearing in noise - enabled by Noise TrackerTM II, ReSound’s latest generation of noise reduction system
  • Personalized sound - enabled by amplification schemes
  • Maximum comfort - enabled by attractive and ergonomic design
  • Best protection against moist and durability - enabled by iSolateTM nanotech coating
  • Convenient phone conversation - enabled by PhoneNowTM, ReSound’s automatic phone detection
  • Accurate first fit and the possibility of off-site fitting - enabled by In-situ Audiometry
  • Ability to trace the history of user’s habit and preference - enabled by Onboard AnalyzerTM II datalogging


Selling ReSound Magna


Marketing materials

We offer a range of different marketing and counseling materials to help you market and sell ReSound Magna. Check our global examples of consumer marketing below, and contact your local ReSound representative for materials available in your market.